The Dreaming, in a new brave reality

In 2017, Frame VR will release Thalu: The Buried VR, the world’s first fully immersive, first-person experience of an original Indigenous Australian Dreamtime story.

Tyson Mowarin, the writer and director of this visionary digital piece, is a proud Ngarluma man from Roebourne in Western Australia. A creative artist, writer, and filmmaker, Tyson seeks to bring the rich history and culture of his people into a new digital future.

A completely new Indigenous Australian story that bridges the past and the present

Tyson is passionate about preserving the lessons of the past and telling his stories and the stories of his people through digital platforms and new media. His mission is to ensure that Indigenous Australian culture is not seen as an element of the past, but recognised as a vital, living, and evolving part of Australia’s present and future.

Concept art by Stuart Campbell

Frame VR will bring the world of Thalu to life through Virtual Reality (VR), in otherworldly surroundings guided by the concept art of cult favourite and graphic artist, Stuart Campbell. Stuart’s artwork for Thalu combines traditionally illustrated landscapes, fauna, and flora with a strong colour palette of vivid blues, greens, and reds, resulting in a setting that is both mythical and futuristic. The VR experience will be a dazzling series of linked worlds filled with fantastical, high contrast, neon-lit Australian landscapes and wildlife.

Thalu” in the Ngarluma language means, “totem”. However, the English word cannot fully describe the layers of meaning that “thalu” conveys to the Ngarluma people. The “thalu” in Frame VR’s virtual reality experience is a spiritual doorway that connects two realms and transports the participant into the Spirit World, where they will meet Jirri Jirri, their guide. Jirri Jirri will show audiences the spirits of the elements, land, flora, and fauna, and teach them about how these spirits and environments are connected to humankind.

Concept art by Stuart Campbell

Launching on the HTC Vive, Thalu: The Buried VR will be a uniquely Indigenous Australian experience that showcases the powerful storytelling of the Ngarluma people of Western Australia.


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Thalu is a co-production between Frame VR and Weerianna Street Media, and is also funded and supported by Screen Australia, Screenwest, Woodside Pluto LNG and the Australian Government.

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