Thalu Showcase at RMIT

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) recently created history by being the first university in the world to run a short course in augmented and virtual reality.

They reached out to Frame Labs earlier this year after experiencing Thalu at the Melbourne International Film Festival, requesting permission to showcase Thalu at a university event aimed at staff and students from the School of Design.

The ensuing event was a success, with most of the sessions that ran throughout the day packed with bookings.

“A lot of the people were very inspired by the project, and hadn’t seen anything like it before. I, and many others, particularly found what the user was being asked to embody in the experience very compelling,” Stephanie Andrews, Digital Media/VR lecturer at RMIT said of the event.

Thalu is a fine example of an immersive experience. Backed by a compelling story written by Tyson Mowarin, with the support of concept art by Sutu Campbell and using the technical minds of the Frame Labs team to actualise those concepts – it’s a winning combination that grabs the attention of both first time users and long time users of VR.

With this recent showcase, Frame Labs reaffirms their status as a leading immersive media company, and they proudly support RMIT who is leading the growth in AR/VR education.

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