Virtual Reality Safety Training with Machine Ready VR

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VR Safety training

Frame VR is building the next generation of VR based safety training simulations, bringing new levels of immersive game-based learning to the training room. Our simulators provide realistic virtual training environments that deliver efficient, safe, and practical training.

Training people in virtual reality has several advantages over conventional training methods. In VR, trainees are immersed in a realistic 3D space, thereby promoting active learning. Distractions can be tuned out, and full-body engagement and responses are encouraged. VR offers a safer environment than real-world simulations, and is especially useful in high-risk safety training scenarios.

Virtual reality simulation safety training such as Machine Ready VR will allow learners to learn and apply workplace knowledge in a safe and assessable capacity. Such programs are expected to be in high demand, and Frame VR is ready to provide customised virtual reality training simulations for your organisation. Contact us today if you would like to know more.


  • Client STS Saftey
  • Date 12/02/2016
  • Categories Tethered VR HMD, Virtual Reality
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