Virtual Reality First Aid Training

First aid training is invaluable

And experience in first aid even more so. But how do you teach individuals to perform effective first aid in stressful and dangerous situations?

Frame VR is developing a proof-of-concept assessment module, First Responder VR, where participants will be assessed on their first aid training within a simulated high-stress environment. VR helps people to develop skills in handling complex situations by immersing them in a realistic three-dimensional space, tuning out distractions to training, and engaging them by prompting full-body actions. In addition, VR also offers a safer environment than “real world” simulations.

Our initial prototype will consist of a single assessment scenario of approximately 3 to 5 minutes in length. This will be a real-time, interactive VR experience, where characters will be modelled and animated in 3D. This allows the learner to work under the appropriate pressure, in a believable environment, without placing them in harm’s way.

Users will be situated in a single interactive scene, such as a car crash site, and presented with an unconscious person lying on the ground. The user will have to carry out first responder tasks, including demonstrating first aid training, in order to aid the injured person. Hazards and distractions mirroring real-world situations will be placed into the environment, adding to the realism of the scenario and putting additional pressure on the user. A CPR manikin will be adapted for use within the scene, and the experience will be recorded from the user’s point of view for assessment purposes and feedback.

The VR experience will be distributed on the HTC Vive platform, which uses room-scale technology to turn a room into 3D space via sensors and track the user’s location. The user can then navigate the room naturally and use motion tracked handheld controllers to manipulate and interact with objects.



  • Date 07/02/2014
  • Categories Mobile VR HMD, Virtual Reality