Immersive Visitor Attraction

dreamdeck360 is a technology developed Frame VR. We are an experience design company who has for over 5 years been creating multisensory, immersive and interactive experiences to engage audiences, take them on transformative journeys and deliver powerful messages. We are on a mission to reinvigorate cinema as a destination asset for operators.

We’re achieving this by extending and enhancing the guest experience with a large scale immersive VR exhibition system dreamdeck360™. All solutions operate with our proprietary headset synchronisation and 7.1 audio system. We have created a new out-of-home, location-based entertainment category that drives revenue streams, boosts performance and delivers strong ROIs

  • Synchronised 7.1 surround sound playback,
  • HMD calibration system
  • Exhibition management system
  • Wifi enabled device management system

For more information visit the dreamdeck360™ website.


  • Client WA Maritime Museum
  • Date 09/12/2018
  • Categories dreamdeck360™
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