November/October Update!

We have finally arrived at November and the Frame Labs team has been very busy since the end of the Melbourne International Film Festival and CineFestOz earlier this year. In fact, Thalu has screened in a few more film festivals since then! We’re proud to have been part of ImagiNATIVE Film Festival, FIVARS Film Festival and Byron Bay International Film Festival. Thalu enjoyed great success, leaving a positive impression on the people who have tried the experience and if nothing else, it has proven its ability to deliver the immersive experience that virtual reality promised.

Alongside the slew of film festivals, Frame Labs have also launched dreamdeck360.  It’s a world-first, 360 video, exhibition system which supported the screening of The Antarctica Experience: A Virtual Reality Adventure which premiered 2 months ago at the WA Maritime Museum. The system allowed over 60 headsets to play at once, which meant more people were able to enjoy The Antarctica Experience, and since its launch over 13,000 visitors have put on headsets to explore one of the most dramatic and stunning locations the world. Check out the trailer for Antarctica VR below!

After dreamdeck360 and its successful run at the WA Museum, exciting projects have been brewing behind the scenes leading up to a fruitful 2019. We aim to create awe-inspiring, innovative and high quality VR content that can be screened at various exhibition spaces supported by dreamdeck360 so look forward to future announcements while we leave you with a little teaser of what’s to come…

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