MIFF 2018 and CineFestOz!

The 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival has wrapped up for the year and we have finally released our flagship VR project Thalu: Dreamtime is Now.

Thalu was met with a lot of positive feedback, and everyone who attended left with a sense of awe and wonder.


We wanted Thalu to showcase what Frame VR is capable of, but above all, we wanted to convey the message that Tyson Mowarin (writer and director of Thalu) had: preserving culture, respecting sacred spaces and being in touch with nature.

If the guests who tried the VR experience left with some appreciation for the Indigenous people and the beauty of their ancient culture and history, we consider it a job well done.

Following MIFF, we have two VR exhibitions releasing in WA!

The first is Thalu at CineFestOz – our WA premiere. The second is called “The Antarctic Experience,” where we worked with the WA Maritime Museum to create an Antarctic journey through VR.

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