Mechatron virtual reality platform rides high at Scitech

Imaginarium VR brought the Mechatron to Scitech’s 2017 Rio Tinto Innovation Festival.

The Mechatron showed students how virtual reality can be applied to new fields

This year’s Rio Tinto Innovation Festival at Scitech was a three-day event focusing on augmented and virtual reality, with the aim of inspiring Western Australian secondary students to pursue a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Frame VR’s subsidiary company, Imaginarium VR, showcased the Mechatron, our motion platform ride incorporating mobile VR headsets. The ride was an instant hit with students, staff, and members of the general public who were allowed to access Scitech during the festival.

Around 1000 secondary students attended last week’s Innovation Festival, with 300 lucky students getting a chance to ride the Mechatron, which took participants on a ride through a dystopian city, deep space, the ocean depths, and a futuristic eco-city.

Imaginarium VR Mechatron at Scitech 2017; virtual reality

Read more about the Mechatron’s launch here.

Frame VR and Imaginarium VR would like to thank Scitech and Particle WA for bringing the Mechatron to the Rio Tinto Innovation Festival, and for the use of their images featuring the Mechatron. To join Frame VR on our next Virtual Reality adventure, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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