“Is Australia Racist?” VR App Launched

Step into my skin

Experience a racist attack first-hand with the “Is Australia Racist?” VR App

A study on racism in Australia commissioned by SBS from Western Sydney University found that more than one in five people in Australia has experienced racial discrimination and abuse. In February 2017, the Joined Up Films documentary, “Is Australia Racist?” aired on SBS, accompanied by its digital extension, the “Is Australia Racist?” VR App, which allows the user to directly experience a racist attack.

The VR app, a co-production between Frame VR and Joined Up Films, is an interactive 360 video VR experience that allows the user to choose between stepping into the skin of someone who is the object of a racist attack, or a bystander witnessing the attack. Both points of view are immersive, thought-provoking, and aim to build empathy in users. The confronting script is based on reports of true events and first-hand testimony and draws on dialogue from real-life incidents.

Virtual reality is emerging as an experiential and truly immersive medium that can be harnessed as a powerful digital extension to documentaries. In VR, the user is not just a viewer, but an active participant with a sense of presence. This means audiences tend to form closer connections with a subject and become more emotionally involved with a topic when they interact with it in VR.

Look for the “Is Australia Racist?” VR App in the SBS virtual reality app.

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