Imaginarium VR launches the Mechatron at Kaleidoscope Festival

Our subsidiary company Imaginarium VR recently launched the Mechatron, a unique moving platform virtual reality (VR) experience, at the Kaleidoscope Festival of Light hosted by the City of Joondalup.

The ultimate ride: a motion platform combined with mobile VR headsets

The Mechatron is a 7-minute VR experience that combines a motion platform with mobile VR headsets, taking the participants on a journey of exploration through a dystopian city, deep space, the ocean depths, and a futuristic eco-city.

Tickets went faster and faster each night as hundreds lined up for a glimpse of the future. By the end of the festival over 450 lucky people participated in the Imaginarium VR Mechatron experience.

Underwater on the Imaginarium VR MechatronFlying in the Imaginarium VR Mechatron

Artists who worked on the experience included students from North Metropolitan TAFE and SAE Institute of Creative Media, as well industry creatives from Viperous Studios.

Bringing the Mechatron to the Kaleidoscope Festival was a chance for Imaginarium VR to gauge public interest in virtual reality. During the festival, Imaginarium VR took the opportunity to ask the public what they would like to see next in the Virtual Reality market.

The response was simply, “MORE!”

More content, more rides, more seats, and more action.

Those who rode on the Mechatron also had questions of their own:

Q: Can we this ride again? And when can we ride this again?
A: Yes, you can! The Mechatron will be returning to Perth in late 2017. Watch this space and follow Frame VR on Facebook for updates.

Q: Is Imaginarium VR from overseas?
A: Nope. Imaginarium VR and the entire creative team are from Perth. We thank you for supporting local artists and creatives.

Q: Where can I learn how to make content for virtual reality?
A: There are a number of roles involved in producing VR experiences. People from digital and traditional skill sets alike came together to make content for Mechatron VR. Writers, artists, animators, sound engineers, programmers, designers, as well as directors and producers. VR is a team sport!

Q: What are you doing next?
The team at Frame VR is very excited to be working on a Dreamtime experience called Thalu: The Buried VR, an original Dreamtime story written by the award-winning Indigenous writer, artist, and director, Tyson Mowarin, and based on concept art by artist Stuart Campbell. Upon its release in late 2017, Thalu will be the first-ever, first-person, interactive real-time virtual reality Dreamtime story.Thalu concept art

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