Frame VR July/August Update

Our virtual reality project Thalu: Dreamtime is Now has come quite a long way since its initial inception.

Following almost 18 months of hard work, we are finally in the lead up to Thalu’s big premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival – which sold out within the first couple of weeks of its announcement!

Shortly after MIFF, Thalu will also have its WA premiere at CineFestOz coming up on the 25th August in Busselton.

From there, where will we go? The possibilities excite us to no end, and the work certainly hasn’t stopped since.

At Frame VR we are constantly searching for collaborators, investors, creatives and anyone who can see the possibilities in VR, AR, and XR. With those motivations in mind, we have had many distinguished guests who are curious about what we do and how we use this technology, and we’re delighted to have had these two guests today dropping by the office.

Thank you Yaya Lin from Beijing Guowenyan Information Technology and William Du from PWC for coming in today and giving Thalu a go! We hope that every person who drops by and learns more about virtual reality goes away with the possibilities and its future applications in mind, because VR is certainly the future.


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