Dispatches from the frontier of virtual reality.

Diggers VR nominated at 2017 VR Fest

December 19, 2016 - Desktop VR, News

Diggers VR has been nominated at VR FEST 2017 for Best Animated Narrative Film Diggers VR is a real-time, virtual reality docu-drama that recreates life in the trenches and tunnels at the Battle of the Somme. As you move through the story, narrative cues are triggered by…

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The Dreaming, in a new brave reality

December 9, 2016 - Desktop VR, News

In 2017, Frame VR will release Thalu: The Buried VR, the world’s first fully immersive, first-person experience of an original Indigenous Australian Dreamtime story. Tyson Mowarin, the writer and director of this visionary digital piece, is a proud Ngarluma man from Roebourne in Western Australia….

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