Bringing VR and mixed reality to DADAA

DADAA’s new VR Mixed Reality Lab will enable its clients to create, experiment, and express themselves with cutting-edge technology

Last week Frame VR CEO Justin and Technical Director Gareth visited arts organisation, DADAA (Disability in the Arts Disadvantages in the Arts), at their new creative space in Fremantle to set up a VR Mixed Reality Lab.

The VR Mixed Reality Lab is part of DADAA’s digital strategy and will enable DADAA’s creatives and staff to host VR concept and development workshops with their clients.

Frame VR’s brief for the project was to build a state-of-the-art VR Mixed Reality Lab complete with a green screen, HTC Vive, monitors, and audio capability. We would also train DADAA staff in how to set up and use the hardware and software, including best practice for hosting VR workshops with their clients, featuring tools like Tilt Brush, Komodo, and Quill.

DADAA is so excited about the possibilities of the project that they have set up a dedicated web space for the Mixed Reality Project, where you can follow DADAA’s artists as they work and play in VR.

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One response to “Bringing VR and mixed reality to DADAA”

  1. DADAA artists LOVING VR and mixed reality setup thanks FRAME VR!

    Everyone’s lining up to have a go exploring Google Earth, playing with Google Tiltbrush and The LAB.

    Thank you!

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